Your body is an advanced society whose goal is survival. Each system in your body has a unique role in that process and none of these systems can perform their role without energy.

Converting fuel into energy is the human body’s most important function. As it turns out, the ability to do this is a coordinated effort between all of your body’s systems.

It begins with your Brain and the choices you make which affects:

When these systems are not functioning, here are the typical indicators:

  • Connector.

    Digestive System

    Indigestion, Acid reflux, Irritable bowel, Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas & bloating

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    Immune Response

    Allergies, Autoimmune Issues, Skin conditions, Constant illnesses

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    Liver, Kidneys & Detoxification System

    Headaches, Fatigue, Weight issues, Elevated cholesterol

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    Vascular & Transport Pathways

    Inflamation, Joint aches, Cardiovascular issues, Cholesterol & plaque buildup

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    Hormonal Control Systems

    Sleep issues, Stress, Fatigue, Menstrual cycle problems

Waste Out

Whenever you burn fuel, there is going to be a waste product. A car engine needs to vent exhaust to clear out its waste. Your body has a similar challenge.

In addition to the food waste, there are toxins and wastes that we ask our bodies to process from the environment. These include: pesticides, plastics and other chemicals in our food and water supply, air pollutants, soaps and cosmetics.

These waste processing and removal systems are not limitless and they become overburdened without effective care. Waste that is not effectively managed can lead to problems and damage sensitive cells throughout the body within the digestive tract, in the brain, etc. Tissue damage, joint inflammation, autoimmune issues, and damage to the digestive tract are just a few of the consequences of a stressed waste removal system.
It is clear that the body’s response to issues affecting Energy In + Waste Out function may be due to one or both of the functions being damaged and in need of help. Our goal is to identify what is causing the stress and how to remove it to allow the body to heal itself.

Here’s how we accomplish that:


We identify systems that are dysfunctional, stressed, or injured through constulations and with the use of technology

  • Discussion

    Everyone has their own unique story. The first step is gathering evidence that there is an area(s) in your body that need assistance.

  • BIA

    Bio Impedance Analysis: Measuring the composition of your body with data points such as: water levels, fat, lean mass, energy.

  • Heart rate Variability

    A test to determine nervous system function as well as fitness levels.

  • EndoPAT

    A functional test to see the health of critical cells that line the arteries and blood vessels in our bodies.


Together we will work to create a plan to repair and improve function by targeting the system or systems that have been compromised

  • Formulas

    We use a unique line of repair formulas tailored to your individual needs.

  • Diet Changes

    Diet and lifestyle changes that are practical for you in your daily life.


Start reintroducing foods and regular lifestyle activities to see how the body responds

  • Goals

    Once goals are achieved, learn how to maintain the results for the next period of time.