The First Visit

Getting to Know You

During your first visit, we begin the process of discovery. Everyone has their own unique health challenges, and we need to determine what yours are. We start with a Personal Health Assessment. In addition to gathering basic information (symptoms you are experiencing, your eating habits, specific health problems you have been diagnosed with), we use the most advanced, state-of-the-art, clinically accurate assessment tools to help us learn about the state of your body’s health. The results of your health assessment are used as biological markers. In other words, we determine your body’s problem areas and as you embark on your quest toward optimal health, we watch these areas improve over time, and also investigate various factors that can hinder improvement.

The Healing Process Has Begun

We now combine all the data we’ve collected during our health assessment to formulate a “first-step” health plan. This plan is tailored to meet the needs and challenges specific to your body. You will be provided with specific lifestyle changes that are necessary for your body to regain or improve functionality. This is part of the healing process. Your tailored dietary plan may include the use of nutraceuticals or special supplements to support your unique journey to optimal health and energy. Whatever is recommended, rest assured that it has been clinically researched, thoroughly investigated and evidenced-based. All metabolic repair formulas used are of the highest quality and exceed industry standards.

The Second Visit

During your second visit, we monitor your body’s response to the recommended dietary and lifestyle changes and make whatever adjustments are necessary to help it continue to improve functionality. During the next set of visits, we will determine specifically what factors could be holding your body back from making positive changes. With certain adjustments, you can be on your way to a healthier you. Our goal is to get your body to a level where it can maintain health despite negative influences that may affect you, such as stress or environmental factors.

Follow-Up Visits

With each subsequent visit, we continue to monitor and ascertain both the positive and negative effects that diet and lifestyle have on your body. As functionality improves, it is important to continue making adjustments accordingly until the health goals that have been set for you are attained. For some, positive results can be accomplished in weeks. For others, it may take more time. Remember that each person is unique and the road to achieving optimal health will be different from one person to another. Once you have reached your goals, the final phase of your health plan is to learn how flexible your body is in maintaining lasting health and functionality. It is important to note that the key to the success of your tailored metabolic program is open and honest doctor/patient communication. Both doctor and patient are equal partners in the journey to reaching and maintaining optimal health.