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Functional and Fast Meal Plans

October 10, 2023

Functional And Fast Bloom Metabolic Meal Plans

We are excited to announce our new nutritional line of organically prepared meal plans. We proudly will be partnering with Giona’s Kitchen. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Giona’s is a popular local market in the Thornwood area. In collaboration, Dr. Bloom and his nutritional team have crafted specific meal plans designed for healthy and convenient options for our clientele.

Eating functional foods has never been easier!

Our products are fresh never frozen and prepared with organic ingredients. Bloom Metabolic’s Fast and Functional meals are gluten-free, balanced for hormones and free from refined sugar.

Make your next meal ready when you are!

Stock your fridge with anti inflammatory, detoxifying nutrient-based whole foods, designed to work hand in hand with your customized Bloom Plan.

For your convenience, Bloom Meals will be individually packed and ready for pick up on Wednesday’s If you prefer we will be offering shipping directly to your home for an additional cost. Please keep in mind all orders must be put in on Friday’s to guarantee your order to arrive on Wednesday. Orders can be placed on a recurring basis for bi- weekly or monthly meals.

To ensure quality, freshness and safety each meal will be boxed and packed with food-grade ice packs, keeping your order refrigerated and your food cold and fresh for up to 72 hours.

In addition, Bloom meals will be packed securely to lessen the likelihood of product shifting. When your feast arrives, other than heating, it will be ready to go from package to table and yours to enjoy!

Finally, we will work diligently to keep our menu new and enticing by offering meal variations each month.

Ready to make the choice to treat your body the way it wants to be treated? We all deserve good health and a healthy life style! Contact us today to get started.